Q: How do you handle moving my appliances, computers, and other electronic equipment?
A: Extra Mile Movers asks that you please unplug and disconnect all electrical, water, gas, and data lines prior to the movers’ arrival. This will save us time and you money.
Our movers will carefully transport appliances.

Q: Can you pack up my items and move them for me? What if I would rather do that myself?
A: Yes. Extra Mile Movers is able to professionally pack your items for you. We have all of the necessary items available to make sure your belongings arrive safely to your destination. If you prefer to do your own packing, we can just move your items for you. We also offer discount packaging supplies. Extra Mile Movers also offers professional loading and unloading services.

Q: Can Extra Mile Movers relocate my office?
A: Of course! We offer full service moving for your business or residence, if you need a few items moved, or an entire home or office packed and relocated.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, Extra Mile Movers is licensed and insured.

Q: Do I have to take the mirror off my dressers?
A: No, Extra Mile Movers brings along all the necessary tools that are needed to remove and re-install any mirrors attached to your dresser. We will not remove any fixed mirror the wall or attached to home.

Q: Can I leave clothing in my dressers?
A: Extra Mile Movers will move your dressers with the drawers in them. The only items that may be left in a drawer is something made of cloth. Particleboard and other flimsy furniture pieces must be completely empty to be transported safely.

Q: Do I have to take my beds apart?
A: No, absolutely not. Extra Mile Movers bring along all the necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble your beds for you. If your bed has air or water fill, please have it empty before moving day. All of the bedding should be removed from the bed before the movers arrive.

Q: Pianos/gun safes/hot tubs?
A: We handle large items. Pianos, gun safes etc. Extra Mile Movers will be happy to transport these items for you. Please inform us when booking your move of any unusual, very heavy, or delicate items that may need special attention or equipment.

Q: Do I have to empty my freezer or refrigerator?
A: The refrigerator must be completely empty so no items can spill and the inside of the refrigerator won’t be damaged. Deep freezers can be left full as long as there are no breakable items inside, they will be loaded last so they may be unloaded first to avoid unthawing